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37 Canal Street
New York, New York 10002
In all honesty, can't say as I see much Scandinavian on the menu. Possibly the name is the only Scandinavian thing about the place, and perhaps that isn't real. Still, cool looking little hole in the wall I'd probably go to should the opportunity present itself.

Lighthouse Café

12 Tamalpais Drive
Corte Madera, California 94925
The place has kind of an 80's vibe from the photos on their site, but they have a page devoted to Danish menu items. They're been around awhile, so it must be good.

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Old Lutheran

1408 1st Avenue North
Moorhead, Minnesota 56560
Lutherans know how to make fun of themselves, and there are some cool items here, too. Though not strictly a Scandinavian site, you know and I know that when most folks think of Lutherans, they think of us. Pastor Ken Schaub, an old Lutheran himself, sent us this link. I can say that because I'm an old Lutheran, too."

Swedish Kontur Imports

310 South Minnesota Avenue
Saint Peter, Minnesota 56082
This Swedish import shop has been in business for fifty years. Crystal, linens, and art are among their specialties.

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