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Tre Kronor

3258 West Foster Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625
Food from a Scandinavian heritage, served with authentic Nordic flair and a warm Chicago embrace. Their menu looks pretty interesting. One day I'll get there and try that havarti cheeseburger.

Grädde Swedish Restaurant

13 Elm Street
Westfield, New Jersey 07090

They don't seem to have a web site, so hard to find out a lot about them, but reviews and articles look promising.

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Not available. Not available.

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1601 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
Now this looks like a cool and comprehensive place to get Scandinavian stuff, as well as pick up a little culture and learn some crafts.

Swedish Kontur Imports

310 South Minnesota Avenue
Saint Peter, Minnesota 56082
This Swedish import shop has been in business for fifty years. Crystal, linens, and art are among their specialties.

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